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Kate's running for Kentucky's House District 33 to represent communities in Oldham, Jefferson, and Shelby Counties in Frankfort. We need representatives who are willing to fight for families across Kentucky, regardless of how they look, what’s in their bank account, where they live, or who they love.​


Raising Wages & Creating Jobs

Every job should pay a living wage, not just a minimum wage. Every worker deserves paid time off including family, vacation, and sick leave. Our campaign fully supports labor unions, protecting labor rights, and increasing worker representation.

Good jobs that provide economic stability for every Kentucky family should never be the exception to the rule.

Investing in the Next Generation

Public schools are a foundation of democracy, and the most effective way to invest in upward mobility. Our campaign supports fully funding public schools in Kentucky, paying educators what they are worth, and empowering local school boards, educators, and parents to define success for their communities. 

I support affordable and accessible childcare. Families should not have to choose between going to work, saving for retirement or secondary education, and childcare. Families in Kentucky are being priced out of basic necessities including childcare and early education.

Ensuring Access to Quality Healthcare

The health and well-being of Kentucky citizens are at the forefront of our campaign. We believe in a few simple principles: Healthcare is a human right and decisions about reproductive care should be between a patient and their doctor, not the government. Our campaign believes in universal, affordable health coverage with a cap on out-of-pocket expenses, including reproductive care. No one should ever be denied care because of a pre-existing condition. 

A holistic approach to healthcare includes fighting hunger in the Commonwealth. One in four children under the age of 5 in Kentucky lives in poverty. No child in Kentucky should go to bed hungry.

Protecting Access to Reproductive Care

Our campaign unapologetically supports access to the full range of reproductive care – including abortion. The decision on when and how to become a parent is a sacred one, and I firmly believe politicians have no place in our personal, private healthcare decisions. 

The current abortion ban that is on the books in Kentucky will lead to higher rates of maternal mortality, unnecessary trauma to mothers and families in the Commonwealth, and will drive qualified healthcare providers out of our state. Our campaign supports the full repeal of this legislation, as well as VOTING NO on Kentucky’s Constitutional Amendment 2 this November. 

I have spoken publicly on my personal healthcare journey, acquiring birth control, accessing reliable and affordable reproductive care, and pursuing IVF out of state because of the restrictive laws put in place by the Kentucky GOP. My experience drives my advocacy, and I proudly stand with millions of Kentuckians who support access to reproductive care. 

Abortion is healthcare. Birth control is healthcare. Healthcare is a human right.

Climate Change & Protecting Kentucky’s Future

As a civil and environmental engineer, I spent years studying stormwater management and land use. Kentuckians deserve a representative in Frankfort that is unafraid to recognize the root causes of extreme weather events, like the devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky. 

The Commonwealth is uniquely vulnerable to flooding made worse by climate change, particularly in areas that are already underserved by an aging infrastructure and left behind by corporate greed.


I believe that there is no economic compromise in tackling climate change. If we address the root causes of our climate emergency, we can also provide clean energy jobs, protect our environment, and invest in the future our children and grandchildren can count on.

Honoring Older Adults

With a close-knit multi-generational family, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the vital role older adults have in families and communities. Older adults are employees contributing in the workforce, grandparents providing kinship care, aging family members depending on a range of care services, and many other scenarios. Older adults are experiencing increasing costs and their social supports are being jeopardized.

I know my other priorities affect older adults, as an interconnected community. In addition, I will represent these Kentuckian’s particular concerns—such as protecting and enhancing Medicaid, retirement, and aging care supports. Just as my campaign is committed to investing in the younger generation, and supporting middle generations, it is equally concerned with honoring the older generation. Together, we ensure vibrant families and caring communities.